When it comes to construction delivery methods, whether we utilize Design-Build, General Contracting or Construction Management, our only focus is to get the job done right and on time.

Many construction companies can build structures. We separate ourselves from the rest because we deliver value throughout the construction process. On time, on budget, every time.

As we’ve grown from a small renovation company, we’ve added a full suite of construction and investment services under the Atena Group brand.

We offer full architectural/engineering design, surveying, interior design, as well as investment analysis, and execute on each facet using a disciplined approach.

At Atena, ensuring peace of mind for every client is our top priority.


In Design-Build, we bring architectural design and construction under one roof and coordinate both at the same time. The Design-Build project delivery method relies on a single point of responsibility. From estimation, assessments and pre-construction to architecture, engineering, subcontracting, construction and post-construction. This project delivery method minimizes risks for the Owner and is proven to reduce inefficiencies in project delivery schedule.

In sum, the design-build contractor manages all contracts such as those with subcontractors and material suppliers, and assumes all the risks of the project. Thus, the client will only have one neck to choke!

1) Selecting a Design-Builder

Selecting the Design-Builder with the best credentials, experience, expertise and team.

2) Pre-Construction Assessments and Planning

Pre-construction staff learn about your wants, vision, needs, and financial realities. In this phase, contractor will inform you of any necessary permit that need to be required for your work, and begin the application process.

3) Architectural / Interior Design

Form a design that balances all needs and wants of the space you envision.

4) Construction

Contractor will start readying your job site while design progresses, and elements of construction can begin during the design phase. The job will get done more quickly, to a clearly defined scope with total accountability.

5) Post-Construction Quality Control

Once your new or renovated space is complete, the quality control team will do a thorough walk-through of your space and ensure that the project has been completed according to spec before you begin enjoying the new space.

Project Management

Through this method, the contractor is hired by the Owner early in the design process and works with the Architect and Design Team in the development and design phases of the project (often referred to as Pre-construction Services), but becomes the equivalent of a general contractor during the construction phase of the project. In addition to acting in the Owner’s behalf and best interest, the Contractor manages and controls the design to ensure the construction costs do not exceed the approved budget.

General Contracting

The General Contractor project delivery method is where the GC is employed by the Owner or Customer to perform construction work only, and the Owner or Customer hires the design and Pre-construction work through third parties separately. If you have an architect, you have drawings and you’re ready to build, the GC’s role is to get the job done. The GC provides all of the construction management, material, labor, equipment, resources and services necessary for the construction of the project. Depending on the size and scope of the project, The GC may hire specialized subcontractors to perform some portions or most of the construction work.

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