Having a complete basement adds value to your home, and life!

Maximize the use of your space

Whether you want to remodel, finish, add a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom to your basement, it is important to consider that having a well functioning finished basement can be beneficial as it adds to your living space, and it can also be a selling feature for buyers that are looking for this feature in their next home.

The key is to use the right elements of design and material selection in shaping the space.

Entertainment Area

Additional Room

Income Producing

3 Tips for an effective basement renovation

Not all basement renovations are the same. For many, the basement is an extension of their living space, and for some, it’s simply a storage room. However, experience has demonstrated that a well designed and finished basement can not only add to the overall function of the livable space, but also increase the property’s value in the eye of a potential buyer. 

At Atena, we place a strong emphasis on clear communication and collaboration from the very beginning, and provide our clients with custom recommendations that match their criteria and budget. 


Predominately used to increase the height of a basement. However, it can also serve as a solution for pre-existing structural issues.  

Typically takes 4-6 weeks for the various stages of the process, depending on the property condition. 

Keep in mind that this is a laborious process, and requires the use of professionals. 

Separate Entrance

A necessary component for creating an income producing basement suite. Depending on the type of property you own (Detached, Semi-detached, or Townhouse) adding a separate entrance (ie. Walk up or Walk-out) will increase the function and utility of your basement space. 

It is also a key feature that many home buyers look for when shopping for their next home.  


The surest way to prevent water penetration and moisture build-up in your basement is a full-scale exterior waterproofing solution.

The process includes: 

  1. Excavating exterior area to full depth of foundation wall, down to footing
  2. Installing waterproofing coating or membrane
  3. Enhancing the drainage using weeping tile, and/or installation of sump pump

Get the most out of your basement

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