Enhance The Look And Feel Of Your Condo Space

Condo buildings often lose curb-appeal when the flooring, paint, doors, and windows begin to erode- affecting functionality and value of your condo. 

Focusing on the right areas when remodelling your space can significantly uplift the look and feel of the space, while also ensuring the most return on your investment. 

Combining the various elements of design, color, lighting, and furniture selection will enable you to turn any confined condo space into a stylish home. 

The Condo Renovation Process

Step 1: Check with your Condo Board

The Condo Board regulates and establishes the rules condo managers and owners must adhere too. Our experience dealing with the board has allowed us to become well-versed in the condo industry. Furthermore, gaining appropriate consent before any condo project begins increases the smoothness of the process, and eliminates any relating delays.

Step 2: Assess your needs and wants

Condo spaces are relatively small spaces and so it is important to properly assess what you want and how you are going to properly transform a space.

Step 3: Determine Costs

Atena Construction concisely plans to ensure that both your money and time is saved with our adequate budgeting and proper management techniques.

Step 4: Project Delivery

Once the design and budget have been determined, Atena's project management team will begin the construction delivery according to a pre-determined schedule. Our team will manage all the aspects of the process, from supply management, to trades management, and quality control.

Condos don't have to be boring! Let us help you build your dream space.

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