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Basement Renovation Guide

Updated: Dec 24, 2022


It is always more economical to fix the problem when it is small because with a basement in good condition, you will be able to enjoy the space saving for many years.

With a humidity problem, even a minor one, will have an impact on the resale value of your home it is roughly a loss of value by 10%.

It is preferable to avoid wood floors in the basement.

With humidity usually greater here than elsewhere in the house, the wood would swell and in the event of water infiltration or damage due to a sump pump problem, the wood would rise.

Foundation cracks are a source of infiltration (water and air) and repairing them is therefore essential before even thinking about finishing your basement.

Insulation boards that can be affixed directly to your foundation walls won't have the same finish, but they will help make your basement better insulated and more attractive, without having to pay a large amount.

From the outside, apply a waterproof coating or membrane to the basement walls.

Install a French drain, around the foundation, which will help discharge excess water away from your home.

Insulating your basement can help you a lot by significant energy savings.

Consider having the ceiling soundproofed when renovating to improve the comfort of all occupants of the house.

If you don't like the closed, dark side of a basement, consider having a patio door or large window installed allowing the light to enter while giving you easy access to the outdoors.


Basements allows you to have more living space without costing as much as an expansion or the purchase of a larger home. You can transform your outdated basement to suit your needs.

Few examples are,

  • Create an inspiring area for your artistic activities

  • Building a home theater

  • Add a play area for children

  • Set up an office

  • Add a bar area to receive your friends

  • Convert the space into an apartment for rent with an independent entrance to generate income


Many people tend to opt for hardwood floors not only for their durability, but it is a more expensive option, make sure that there is no water infiltration or moisture problems to avoid swelling of the floor.

Ceramics for the floor can be a less cheap option but however, expect the ground to be colder, especially in winter.

Installation of rugs is also another option for its warmer aspect and its lower cost.


There are few options available for your ceiling with their respective costs per square ft. Gypsum ceiling costs less compared to other types of ceilings, it is $2-$3 per Sq ft., Suspended ceiling costs you $5 Per Sq Ft., and Architectural ceiling costs you more than the other options available, it is $7 or more Per Sq Ft.


The overall cost of renovating or finishing your basement will depend on how you use it and your choices. It is generally estimated that the cost of renovating a basement is between $ 20,000 and $ 35,000 and more.

If you are struggling with humidity problems in the basement or water infiltration, it is important to remedy them before proceeding with any finishing to avoid the negative effects related to growth. mold, bad odors and other contaminants. Ignoring the presence of problems could be very costly in the long run.

What are the other affects you can see in your basement?

  • Carpets or other damp fabrics giving off bad odors

  • Scratching doors

  • Presence of house dust mites

  • Increased heating and air conditioning bills

  • Aggravation of allergies and asthma


Finishing or renovating a basement may include a phase of demolition, construction or relocation of divisions, preparation of electricity, insulation or soundproofing of the ceiling, installation of drywall, joint pulling, door installation, floor preparation, painting and more.

If the renovation has been well planned typically, a full basement finish by an experienced contractor will take 10-14 days.

Well planned means setting up timelines, material, and furniture choices.

If your project involves a bathroom, pantry, home theater room, or is large, it may take more than a month to complete.

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